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We don’t charge a fee for each paper printed or each document sent. No surprising invoices.

Company registration fee for Sdn Bhd

Get your company registered with SSM from the comfort of your home. It takes only 20 minutes to submit the incorporation form and 3-5 working days to receive the Notice of Registration, subject to SSM approval.


One-time fee


What’s included:

Company secretarial fee

Appoint Foundingbird as your digital company secretary. With only 1 invoice each month, it covers all basic company secretarial services your company needs. Get access to your dedicated company dashboard on the Foundingbird app.


Monthly fee / all-inclusive


What’s included:


Register your Sdn Bhd through Foundingbird

Register your Sdn Bhd fully online in 20 minutes without
meeting a company secretary in-person.


Appoint Foundingbird as your company secretary

Appoint Foundingbird to advise you on your company
compliance to laws and regulations.

Not sure how Foundingbird is different in terms of pricing?

Company secretaries get paid for their liability of being the appointed company secretary of your company. Hence, we provide all basic company secretarial services without extra charges.
Conventional company secretary
Incorporation fee
RM 1,499
RM 1,800 - 4,000
Bound by contract?
Company secretarial fee
RM200 / month
RM 60 - 150 / month
Bank account opening
Annual returns filling
RM 250 - 1,000
Financial statements filling
RM 150 - 500
Change of shareholders & share transfer
RM 250 - 500
Increase of paid-up capital
RM 250 - 1,500
Printing, document dispatch, etc.
Not inclusive, charged per document

Other services

We can assist your company in accounting and payroll services, too.
Accounting - Icon by Freepik


Not ready to hire an in-house accountant? We can keep track of the cash flow and financial reporting of your company. You can place all your attention on your business without the headache of accounting and bookkeeping.


Per month

What’s included:

Payroll - Icon by Freepik


Looking to outsource the payroll management of your company? We take care of your EPF and SOCSO compliance together with the compulsory monthly contribution.


One-time setup fee


Per month / employee

What’s included:

FAQs on pricing & fees

🙋 We answer frequently asked questions on pricing & fees of company registration in Malaysia and company secretarial services of Foundingbird.

The monthly company secretarial fee of Foundingbird is RM200 per month.

The monthly company secretarial fee of Foundingbird is inclusive of the following:

  • The appointment of a licensed company secretary for your Sdn Bhd.
  • Registered address & phone number.
  • A dedicated relationship manager.
  • All standard board resolutions.
  • Free 10 Certified True Copies per month.
  • Access to the Foundingbird app.
  • Discounts to a wide variety of products & services.
  • Printing charges, phone / fax fees, dispatch fees, etc. with no hidden costs.

More information can be found on our Pricing Page.

Each month, you can get up to 10 Certified True Copies (CTCs) without additional charges. Standard resolutions are also included in our fee. However, if we need to pay statutory fees to the SSM for any particular exercises, there will be additional charges.

Foundingbird’s monthly company secretarial fee is charged automatically to your credit or debit card each month.

Unfortunately, no. It is a requirement to have an appointed company secretary at all times to operate a Sdn Bhd. However, you may appoint other service provider as your company secretary, though we would be sad to see you leave.

Have more questions? View our FAQ page.