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Top 3 coworking spaces recommended by the StartupMamak community

Last updated: March 17, 2023
Written by Jet Lim

With a rising demand for coworking spaces in recent years, coworking spaces have become increasingly significant within the startup ecosystem of Malaysia. The shift towards globalisation in the 21st century has seen major changes in working culture; coworking spaces are no longer just a trend but a full-blown industry. With over 170 coworking spaces in Klang Valley alone competing in pricing, facilities, accessibility, complimentary services and other features, it can be difficult to select one that suits you and your team. To narrow your search for the coworking space of your dreams, we asked the StartupMamak community in a poll to recommend their top picks. Here are the 3 coworking spaces that stood out to them in 2019!


Common Ground

Starting with its first coworking space in Damansara Heights in March 2017, Common Ground currently has over 14 branches in Malaysia, expanding overseas to Philippines and Thailand since 2018. Common Ground at Damansara Heights is also one of the Malaysia Digital Hubs.


Accessibility of Common Ground

Most Common Ground coworking spaces are accessible through public transportation. Their memberships allow global access to any of their coworking spaces located in Southeast Asia.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Penang, Malaysia

George Town


Bangkok, Thailand

G Tower


Manila, Philippines


Perks of Common Ground

Apart from providing business support services such as accounting, legal advice, courier services, graphic designing, etc. with a members-only rate, Common Ground has partnered up with businesses to offer special lifestyle deals such as discounts on gym memberships, travelling and more, exclusively for Common Ground members.


Memberships of Common Ground

Pricing varies according to the location of the coworking space.

  • Hot Desk – RM499/month (RM399/month for newly opened coworking spaces)
  • Fixed Desk – Ranges from RM599 to RM899/month
  • Private Office – Ranges from RM799 to RM1,599/month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing for teams of 50 or more



First launching in TTDI in March 2017, WORQ was backed by funding from Malaysia’s Cradle FundSpace Matrix Group (SMG), 500 Startups and other private investors. WORQ at TTDI is also one of the Malaysia Digital Hubs.


Accessibility of WORQ

All the WORQ coworking spaces are accessible through public transportation. WORQ provides Hot Desk Passport and Passport Premium (under Dedicated Desk and Private Suite) memberships at RM550/month and +RM100/month respectively for access to all WORQ coworking spaces in Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur


Petaling Jaya

UOA Business Park, Subang


Perks of WORQ

WORQ is one of the few coworking spaces that provide nursing room and napping pods in some of their locations. If a space to work in is not something you are looking for, WORQ offers a Lite Membership where you can have access to the community events and network without being tied down with a seat there for RM60/year.


Memberships of WORQ

The pricing varies according to the locations of the coworking spaces.

  • Day Pass – RM40/day
  • Hot Desk – Ranges from RM300 to RM500/month
  • Dedicated Desk – Ranges from RM600 to RM750/month
  • Private Suite – Ranges from RM600 to RM750/month



What started as a merge between Collision8 and Ground in Singapore saw the eventual establishment of Found8 in early 2019. With 5 coworking spaces in Singapore, Found8 has opened its first coworking space overseas in Malaysia in October 2019. Found8 at KL Sentral is also home to StartupMamak.


Accessibility of Found8

The one and only Found8 coworking space in Malaysia at the moment is located in the largest transit hub in Malaysia � KL Sentral, which is easily accessible by buses, LRT, MRT, KLIA Express, and Monorail. Their Hot Desk Unlimited membership allows access to all the coworking spaces; hence, it is ideal for entrepreneurs who travel frequently between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.



KL Sentral




Perks of Found8

Found8 is focused on offering business growth support in the form of consultation, its incubator and innovation programme, as well as investments for all members under Hotdesk Unlimited membership and above. Don’t think you’d be at the coworking space on most days? Their Hotdesk Lite membership grants you access to a specific coworking space at one of their outlets for 10 days a month at just RM390/month.


Memberships of Found8

  • Day Pass – RM60/day
  • Hotdesk Unlimited – RM490/month
  • Dedicated Desk – RM690/month
  • Team Room – Custom pricing


Entrepreneurs ought to not only look for a space with comprehensive facilities to work in, but also one that houses communities that can support each other’s businesses. Aside from enhancing the quality of facilities and services provided, coworking spaces have been working hard on building close ties within communities through events and networking sessions. Working closely with various partners including government agencies such as the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)coworking spaces play a great role in facilitating the growth of the overall business ecosystem in Malaysia. Each coworking space has its unique community and environment to offer; hence, it would be a great idea to explore each space through the open-door events that they organise regularly before making your decision. But hey, whoever said that you can only sign up for one?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from a company secretary, lawyer or other professionals according to your business needs.
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