Here's how to
Incorporate your Sdn Bhd through Foundingbird

Everything you need to know to start a business in Malaysia.

The requirements

Your eligibility and documents needed.

Eligibility to start a company

✔️ Malaysian / foreigner
✔️ At least 1 director whom resides in Malaysia
✔️ Age of 18 and above
✔️ Not bankrupt

Documents needed

✔️ IC / Passport
✔️ Proof of residence (for foreigner)
✔️ Authorisation letter (if your proposed company name has trademark / controlled words)

The procedure

No paperwork. No endless meeting. No hassle.


Create a Foundingbird account

A secure Foundingbird account protects your data and gives you access to the information you have submitted.


Submit the online incorporation form

The incorporation form consists of your proposed company name(s), business nature, paid-up capital, contact details, etc.


Make payment of RM1,699 by card

Your payment is inclusive of the SSM fee worth RM1,010 and the company secretarial fee for the first month (RM200).


Verify your identity online using e-KYC

All directors and shareholders will receive an email for e-KYC. Meanwhile, your incorporation form will be reviewed by the company secretary.


Sign S201 declaration & letter of incorporation

All directors will receive an email to e-sign declaration of being eligible to act as a director and to confirm all information provided is correct.


Wait for the SSM to approve your company

Your company incorporation application will be submitted to the SSM. It usually takes 2 – 3 working days, subject to the SSM approval.

Ready to get started?

Your account manager will assist you along the way.

What our clients say

Shahrul Hamdan
Shahrul Hamdan
January 16, 2021.
Found them on Google and the professionalism displayed was great. Justine took care of my entire company incorporation process and everything was set up within 3-4 days! I love the digital concept as well, super efficient and everything is done on the cloud, so I can access my documents anytime I want. Great company and all the best, highly recommended.
Syahmi Kaberi
Syahmi Kaberi
December 1, 2020.
Foundingbird is really disrupting typical & conservative cosec, very efficient & convenient to incorp. Stay simple & go fast team!
Chai Chiah Leung
Chai Chiah Leung
September 23, 2020.
Foundingbird managed to help incorporate my Sdn Bhd from start to finish within 2 working days, without any hassle at all from my end.The team was friendly to work with, and answered all questions & doubts without hesitation.10/10 would recommend!
Danial Arif
Danial Arif
August 16, 2020.
Vijay Kumar Vadibelo
Vijay Kumar Vadibelo
August 14, 2020.
The best company secretary service,reliable and consistent update on the company registration process..Dylan is very dedicated and helpful in his work...highly recommended..👍👍👍👍

Transparent pricing.
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All your company secretarial needs covered.

Incorporation Sdn Bhd

From getting your company incorporated with the SSM to opening a business bank account.


One-time fee

What’s included:

Company secretarial fee

Appoint your company secretary through Foundingbird. Cover all co. secretarial services your company needs.


Monthly fee

What’s included:

FAQs on company incorporation

🙋 We answer your frequently asked questions about incorporating a company in Malaysia.
  • General questions
  • Using Foundingbird
  • Pricing & fees
  • Foundingbird app

To incorporate a Sdn Bhd, you need to be at least 18 years old, reside in Malaysia, and are not disqualified under Section 198 of the Companies Act 2016.

If you are a foreigner who is not residing in Malaysia, you will need to partner with at least 1 director who resides in Malaysia to incorporate your company.

A Sdn Bhd (Sendirian Berhad) is a private company limited by shares where its shareholder(s)’ liability is limited to the amount of shares held. It is a separate legal entity with full capacity to carry on or undertake any business or activity including to sue or be sued, manage property, and carry out transactions.

Yes, you can. However, every company needs to have at least 1 director with ordinary residence in Malaysia. That can be yourself or a qualified person residing in Malaysia. If you’re the sole director of the company and you are not a Malaysian citizen, we may request for your visa details.

According to Section 236 of the Companies Act 2016, all Sdn Bhd must appoint a company secretary within 30 days from its date of incorporation. If you incorporate your Sdn Bhd through Foundingbird, Foundingbird will automatically appoint your company secretary.

Unfortunately, no. According to the Companies Act 2016, there must be at least 1 director who ordinarily resides in Malaysia in order to incorporate a Sdn Bhd. This can be yourself or other directors of the business.

Foundingbird is a digital company secretarial firm in Malaysia that provides online company incorporation with the SSM, company secretarial services and hassle-free business administration via a dedicated dashboard for your company.

Yes, it is completely legal. Our company secretaries are licensed and compliant with the requirements set by the SSM. In fact, the SSM encourages online company incorporation through the official MyCoID portal. With Foundingbird, you do not have to do it yourself, nor will you have to visit the SSM counter for identity verification purposes.

Here’s an overview of the entire online process of Sdn Bhd incorporation through Foundingbird, which can be done either through our website or mobile app:

  1. Create a Foundingbird account.
  2. Fill in and submit the company incorporation form.
  3. Make the payment for the company incorporation fee and monthly company secretarial fee.
  4. Receive an email to verify your identity (all directors and shareholders will receive this email).
  5. Sign S201 declaration & letter of incorporation electronically (all directors will receive this email).
  6. Receive the Notice of Registration, Superform14, and the Certificate of Incorporation through email and the Foundingbird app.

It takes 3 – 5 working days to incorporate your Sdn Bhd, subject to approval by the SSM.

It is advisable to prepare the following details before filling in the company incorporation form:

Company details:

  • Proposed business names and their meanings.
  • Business nature and detailed description.
  • Business address and contact details.
  • Paid-up capital.
  • Number of shares to be issued.

Director(s) and shareholder(s) details:

  • Name and IC/Passport details.
  • Address and contact details.
  • Role of director(s).
  • Number of shares for each shareholder.

Foundingbird charges RM1,499 of Sdn Bhd incorporation fee and RM200 of monthly company secretarial fee. More information on the pricing can be found on our Pricing Page.

The monthly company secretarial fee of Foundingbird is RM200 per month.

Each month, you can request for Certified True Copies (CTCs) for 2 times without additional charges. However, if we need to pay statutory fees to the SSM for any particular exercises, there will be additional charges.

If the application of your Sdn Bhd registration has not yet been submitted to the SSM, a full refund may be granted. Please contact us immediately if such an issue arises.

Foundingbird’s monthly company secretarial fee is charged automatically to your credit or debit card each month.

The Foundingbird app allows you to:

  • Register your company online.
  • Get status updates on your company registration & reminders for statutory deadlines.
  • Get access to all your company documents.
  • Have a comprehensive overview of information regarding your company, as well as its directors and shareholders.
  • Enjoy various business deals that can facilitate your business growth.
  • Request tasks from the company secretary & track task status. (coming soon)
  • Browse available banks and apply to open a business bank account. (coming soon)

Once you have created a Foundingbird account and submitted the company incorporation form, you can get access to the Foundingbird app which is available on the App Store and Play Store.

Yes, absolutely. Your Foundingbird account is encrypted and only the directors of the company have access to the company documents by logging in to their Foundingbird accounts.

You will get notified regarding the status of your company incorporation through push notifications from the Foundingbird app. Reminders on important statutory dates will be sent through push notifications as well.

We feature a variety of business deals exclusive to Foundingbird’s clients, ranging from hiring and dispatch services to coworking spaces and marketing tools, to facilitate your business growth at a discounted price. More information on what business deals we have at the moment can be found on our Deals Page.

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