Free Guide: How to convert your enterprise to a Sdn Bhd

Learn everything you need to know about transitioning your enterprise into a Sdn Bhd through this comprehensive guide.

A comprehensive guide on how to convert your Enterprise to a Sdn Bhd

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Understand how this can benefit your business

A Sdn Bhd is not just another business entity.

Separate your personal liabilities

Even though you own the Sdn Bhd as the shareholder and manage it as the director, the Sdn Bhd itself is responsible for compliance matters and other day-in-day-out operations.

Enjoys corporate tax benefits

While all profits made by an enterprise are subjected to personal income tax of the business owner, your Sdn Bhd’s tax obligation is assessed separately from your personal income tax obligation.

Has credibility in business standing

As a Sdn Bhd has a more stringent compliance to follow, it has more credibility and is more trustworthy compared to an enterprise in a business setting.

Has scaling possibilities

As a time and tested legal entity, a Sdn Bhd is commonly and widely used as a fundraising vehicle to raise funds from investors for the business.

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