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4 reasons to appoint a digital company secretary

Efficiency in managing statutory compliance allows you to focus on your business. This is why a digital company secretary could be better for your company.

The foreigner's guide for private limited company registration

This guide walks you through the company registration process of a private limited company for foreign entrepreneurs through the MyCoID portal of SSM.

The guide to P2P lending for SMEs in Malaysia

This guide shows you how P2P lending works for SMEs and the eligibility criteria, pros and cons, and how to choose a suitable one for your business.

3 steps to appoint a new company secretary for your SME

Compared to company registration, appointing a company secretary for SME is relatively simple and is managed by either an existing or new company secretary.

5 important things to figure out before registering your company

To ensure a smooth company registration process of your Sdn Bhd, it is important to figure out some information in advance before the application.

14 Economic Stimulus Packages for Malaysian SMEs (updated)

To combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, RM110 billion is allocated via PRIHATIN Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package to assist SMEs in Malaysia.

10 questions about SST in Malaysia answered for SMEs

This is a complete guide on everything a SME needs to know about SST, from what it is about, when and where to register, to how much to pay and how to pay.

5 main roles of a company secretary towards your Sdn Bhd

Wonder why you have to pay a monthly fee to an appointed company secretary? These are the 5 main roles of a company secretary towards your Sdn Bhd.

5 job portals for hiring needs of employers in Malaysia

Job portals have become an integral part of the hiring process in recruiting the right talent for employers in Malaysia.

3 work permit options for foreign entrepreneurs in Malaysia

After registering a company in Malaysia, there are several work permit options provided by MDEC and ESD for foreign entrepreneurs to work in this country.

8 key updates of Companies Act 2016 for SMEs in Malaysia

The Companies Act 2016 has come into effect since January 2017. This article highlights the 8 key updates of the Act that affects the SMEs in Malaysia.

Employer contribution of EPF, SOCSO, and EIS in Malaysia

Besides monthly salary, employers in Malaysia need to contribute to EPF, SOCSO, and EIS of employees according to the rates stated in the regulations.

5 ways Budget 2020 might impact on SMEs in Malaysia

With a major boost in entrepreneurship and SMEs through the Budget 2020 tabled recently, these are 5 ways how it might impact on your SMEs' businesses.

The Malaysian's guide for company registration of Sdn Bhd

This is the complete do-it-yourself Malaysian guide for company registration with SSM through the MyCoID portal to set up a Sdn Bhd online.

CSR in Malaysia: 6 ways for businesses to make a difference

Every SME can make an impactful difference, regardless of size or budget limitations, through CSR approaches tailored to suit their purpose and values.

3 recommended coworking spaces by Startup Mamak community

With so many coworking spaces emerging in recent years, these are the 3 most recommended coworking spaces voted by the StartupMamak community in 2019.

3 reasons to adopt electronic signatures in your business

While it is slowly being adopted by businesses in and out of Malaysia, electronic signatures are proven to be better than handwritten ones for your business.

6 important company taxes in Malaysia (with tax rates of 2020)

Understanding the tax obligations of companies in Malaysia makes tax compliance a smoother process. Check out the company tax rates of 2020.

6 types of company registration in Malaysia for entrepreneurs

There are 6 types of company registration for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Malaysia to choose from, each with its pros and cons.

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